Examination Assistants TVET Colleges

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Examination Assistants TVET Colleges

Ref No: 8/8/13/2 Enq. : Machaka E.S. Tel.: 015 290 7842     Date: 10 May 2021

To: District Directors

District Examination Coordinators

Circuit Managers

Heads of Higher Institutions

Unemployed Graduates



1. Temporary casual personnel will be appointed as Examination Assistants to assist the Limpopo Department of Education in the administration of the National Senior Certificate, Senior Certificate and AET L4 Examinations. Suitable applicants that fulfil the requirements are invited to apply for this task_

2. Minimum requirements for appointment as an Examination Assistant are as follows: 2.1 Youth at the age of 35 and below

2.2 Currently registered students at Universities and Universities of Technology 2.3 Currently registered students at TVET Colleges( N6 and Level 4 ONLY)

2.4 Unemployed graduates in possession of a Degree or diploma qualification 2.5 South African citizen residing in Limpopo Province

2.6 Must be available every day for the full period during which marking takes place and be prepared to work under extreme pressure with tight deadlines

2.7 Excellent numerical skills.

Note: It is the Department’s intention to promote equity through the filling of Examination Assistant posts, according to the Employment Equity targets. To facilitate this process successfully, an indication of race, gender and disability status is required.

  • Applicants may be required to work at a centre away from their places of residence, in this case they will be accommodated at a school hostel.
  • To apply for a position as an Examination Assistant the applicant must complete the attached application form LPE34.

6. The applicant must submit the application form with recently certified copies of:

  • Identity document and proof of registration at a recognised institution of Higher learning for currently registered applicants
  • Identity document, Degree or Diploma and 1 to 2 pages Curriculum Vitae for unemployed graduates

N.B. In cases where employed or partially employed graduates are appointed as EAs, upon discovery, their contracts will be terminated with immediate effect.

7. Fully completed application forms will be received at the Circuit Offices, District Offices (Examination Section) and Provincial Office (Examinations and Assessment Chief Directorate, Office Number B42 or 43, 113 Biccard Street). Emails and fax application forms will not be accepted.

  • The successful applicants will be paid hourly tariffs determined yearly in terms of the PAM document.
  • The closing date for applications is 10 June 2021.


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